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Your Website Speed is a Reflection of your Brand

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Your Website Speed is a Reflection of your Brand

Did you know you have three seconds when meeting someone new to create a winning first impression. Whether it’s for an event, a business development meeting or another professional setting.


Same way have you thought of your company website ? You know first impressions are very important, as more people use the Internet to search for information, a user’s first impressions of your website can determine whether that user forms a favorable or unfavorable impressions of your organization.


The first time someone meets you, it takes them about three seconds to determine whether they like you or want to do business with you in the future, said Jean Baur, a career coach and author of the book “The Essential Job Interview Handbook.”


As you go to bed everynight, your website continues to market for you 24X7, your prospective customers are more likely to demand similar treatment your sales and marketing team will approach them with and will form an impression within their first three second encounter with your website.


How frustrating it is to be waiting for a page to load , what many people may not know is just how big of a difference a few seconds can make not just to their frustration level but to their bottom line.


Your website could be hurting your business? If people are leaving your site in droves, and you’re not seeing many enquiries, leads, conversions, or sales, your site might need a tune-up.


Most website visitors are on a mission to find something specific. You only have 3 seconds to tell them what to do, make it relevant, and keep them interested. Otherwise, they’re gone. And they may never come back. In fact, 40% of visitors don’t return after having a negative experience. Sometimes, you only get one shot. Don’t blow it (Kissmetrics).


Creating a successful website inspires confidence and trust in your visitors. If they can get what they need quickly and easily from your site, they will be more likely to trust you and the products you sell.


In this digital age, where 89% of customers search the web before making purchases, online user experience can make or break your business (Digital Influence Index 2018).


Visitors often have a challenging time figuring out what a website is all about. Far too many business owners set up their sites hoping to capture the widest audience possible, so they never develop the kind of clear branding that helps make an instant, lasting impression.


As a result, their site becomes the equivalent of a building with a sign that says, “African Food.” Is it a hot pepper soup with cow meat pub or a restaurant? Is it uptown or downmarket? Does it have delivery service or sit-down meals? These questions aren’t hard to answer, but the average person won’t bother to cross the street, walk inside, and ask someone.


They’ll just go somewhere else.

If what you do and for whom isn’t obvious within 3 seconds, you’ll have a much harder time keeping visitors on your site. You may think you’re being clear, but take a second look to make sure you’re being crystal .


Almost half of the people surveyed in studies conducted by and expected page-load times of two seconds or less and 40 percent of users said they would abandon a website with page-load times of three seconds or more.

Last year, i had the opportunity to audit and optimize tropical cable’s website and reduce the load time from 10.9 seconds to 2 seconds. Impressive huh ?

No alt text provided for this image

Website audit


What you offer on your website is the first and the most important thing which customers want to know. Customers don’t have the time to go through the whole website. It’s possible that from the very first glance, they will try and understand about your business more specifically your product or service offerings.

So, basically your website should describe your business in the best possible way. There should be a brief description about your offerings, home page should describe about the product in the best possible way, and there should be no chance of guesswork.

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This is what you see when you land on TCCL’s website. Do you need some guesswork to do ? Within a second you can identify what the company is into.

Once the visitor gets an idea about your business, the next question in their mind will be how your product will improve the quality of their life. Users aren’t looking to be bothered with fluffed up content and inconsistent imagery, they want to find out what your company does quickly and easily and moreover how will they benefit from your service.

Once people visit your website, make sure to attract their attention. If you have managed to draw them in, you will need to introduce the product within a few seconds.

According to last year’s Google Analytics benchmarking report, average bounce rates were as high as 42.5%. If people don’t understand what you are offering them or how it works, they will lose interest quickly. Show them that your product is just what they want, that it’s useful and that it adds some kind of value to their lives.

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It’s frustrating to click on a link that leads to a slow-loading webpage. Facebook has announced that it will prioritize links that load quickly in its newsfeed over those that are slow to load.

Even Facebook acknowledges that their users expect a fast-loading link, even if it is directing users to content outside of Facebook…so check this , your Facebook post could probably not be reaching enough people because the link within it leads to a slow web page..think about it…

In fact, even more broadly on the internet, I’ve found that when people have to wait for a site to load for too long, they abandon what they were clicking on all together.”

Google’s search engine ranks pages based on page load time (specifically, time to first byte). In addition, a slow site speed means that search engines can crawl fewer pages using their allocated crawl budget, and this could negatively affect your indexation.

Amazon conducted studies showing that users expect a page to load quickly, and thus slower page load times can lead to a significant drop in revenue – some estimates say up to 1% loss for every 100ms delay in page load time. Leading ecommerce beauty website Adore Beauty found out that faster pages resulted in a 16.5% increase in conversion rate and a consistent improvement in their revenue.

Your brand advertise, speed, conveniece and excellence but your website is as slow as hell…what really are you telling your customers ? come again

A slow website increase bounce rate and reduces conversion…a website that does not convert is a dead meat, useless , totally irrelevant and dangerous to your business sucsess, it does more harm than good, if i call your business to request for a business quote and takes forever to hear from you…what does that tell me working with you will be like ?

Improving your website speed is often simple, but it’s an important step. If you want to improve your SEO, enhance your lead generating activities, and improve your business, take some steps to speed up your website today.

These steps can include;

  • Optimize, resize , compress images
  • Do a Plugin Purge. …
  • Ensure Your Site Scripts Are Up to Date. …
  • Make Use of CDNs. …
  • Enable Browser Caching. …
  • Turn On Gzip Compression. …
  • Keep CSS files at the Top and Javascript at the Bottom. …
  • Reduce Http Requests
  • Reduce Redirects
  • Reduce external scripts
  • Upgrade Your Web Hosting
  • Monitor mobile page speed
  • Monitor your speed over time

You can start by using Google’s Test My Site to audit your own website speed and GTmetrix.

Do your what you see from your test..


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