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The Value of a Coin: The Way to Financial Freedom

how to save money fast towards financial freedom


The Value of a Coin: The Way to Financial Freedom

Aspiring to be rich has little to nothing to do with your educational background, religious beliefs, personality, family status, skin color, tribe , nationality or job status…Many are well educated  but retire poor whiles some uneducated distinguish themselves in society and enjoy luxurious life after retirement.

You don’t need to be charlatan to become rich, kill to become rich, steal from the state to become rich, lie to become rich, rob to become rich, cheat others to become rich  or any form of political appointment to become rich. Riches must not be criticized but respected by the people who believe in you, and even those who don’t.

To become rich, you need to be financially disciplined and have the highest respect for money regardless of the value. Never ever discriminate against money because of its value or other factor; coin, paper, clean, tattered, or dirty.

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Money hates discrimination. Like humans (its users and seekers), it only welcomes and visits people who treat it with utmost respect and dignity. It takes hard work, determination, excellence in service, integrity of profession and the fear of your Creator to make a few cash but it will take you seconds to blow it all away if u lack financial discipline and wisdom.

The rich have respect for and trust in a penny whiles the poor believes in working for millions. The rich invest with the coin to make millions and the poor live their whole life working to get coins. What an irony?!!!

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Getting rich is a process that begins in a second and continues into years. The richest men in the world were once not so rich, but with their belief in the value and power of a coin they have created millions for all..It’s always good to dream big but better to start small.

Believe in your coin. Never underestimate the value of your coin. It takes the pure water seller a greater risk of her life to make 20pesewas on the highway. Yet, it is these coins that feed the family, pays the fees and bills, clothes the children and practically keeps life going on.

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My friend Jemima started her business with GHc300 (less than $100) which she got through a daily savings plan for her coins. When she comes back from work she saves any coin she has in her bag in a coin jar, a practice she still follows. In less than 10months after national service, she had no job and no capital to start a business. It was then that the coins she had saved over the period turned out to be her saviour. She used the coins (totaling GHc300) to start a business –buying and selling ladies underwear. About 18months later she’s controlling over GHc9,000 in stocks and cash. She told me she is still saving coins and hope to use her savings to start a new business. A venture which is different from her business.

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Start with your 10pesewas, 50pesewas, 1cedis, 5cedis and 10cedis today. It’s better to start and fail than failing to start.  Wealth is not a mystery but a way of life. Financial discipline and respect for money is the gateway to financial freedom!
Let’s get RICH NOW!!!

By: Nana Kwame Nkrumah, Ch.FE, MBA

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