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The Number 1 Skill in Business: Best Tactics to Sell Anything Fast



sell anything gast

To be able to sell a product to your customer you need to be able to convince them, that, you know who and what you are about. If you share yourself with them, they will do the same. Establish a relevant level of trust between you.  Always remember that the fastest way to sell anything fast is through earning the trust and confidence of potential customers.

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Know where the potential buyers are. Know who your buyer is. Sales is all about recognizing who has the money for your product or service, who will want your product or service. Also their willingness to buy it from you in the way you have to sell it. A customer will purchase your commodity if you able to convince them to co-operate with you on terms and conditions.

Understand the need of your potential customer. Customer will buy anything if only they are convinced that what they are buying will help them satisfy a need or solve a problem. You have to know what your prospects and customers need before you can start posting content that meets those needs. Also get a good understanding of human behavior and motivation. You have to position your product as a solution to your customer’s problems. This selling approach will enable you earn prospects’ trust and confidence. The reason is your focus is on helping them identify, and solve their problems and improving their current situation. Instead of trying to convince or manipulating them into buying what you are selling

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You give your customer something for free, and they’ll return to you to get more and no matter how much it costs. This is quite an easy tactic but it always works. The bonus you attach to your product will make it more attractive to your customers more than that of your competitor. It will therefore increases the loyalty of customers to your brand.


Sales is Everything – – Never Stop Selling



Every business needs to sell to remain in business. Selling is the major and often the only activity in the business that brings in money. Selling products and services  should therefore be the primary focus of the business.

Don’t Perfect Production

Some businesses spend too much time trying to perfect the production of the goods they deal in. It is good to offer excellent products and have perfect production systems but that alone doesn’t sell your products. And we know, not selling means money isn’t going to come in. If you don’t sell, then why produce? In our lifetime, most of us have seen very brilliant products that are not selling as fast as the comparatively poorer products. You may probably know smaller restaurants in your area that makes and serves far more healthier, delicious and cheaper foods than the big brands in town. The truth is you have to sell what you have if you want to stay in business and grow. You cannot perfect production because products and services evolve often –requiring you to always improve your products. Hence no single production process will remain perfect forever. Therefore focus on selling what you have.

Advertising is not equal to Selling

Do not make the mistake of believing that once you place an ad in the newspaper or on radio or television, your products are going to move quickly out of your shop. Not that fast. Advertising often creates an awareness of the existence of your product, service or brand and prepares consumers to consider your offering whenever they have such a need. “Selling” or making sales on the other hand consists of interpersonal interaction -the one-on-one meetings, telephone calls and networking-that you engage in with prospects and customers, Kim T Gordon explained in a post. Advertising often does not put a face to the message; it is not interpersonal but rather a communication through some other means, often non-personal. To sell you need to put some human face to it and contact people.

Don’t Sit Back; Your product isn’t Supernatural

Facebook is reported to have over 1.7 billion monthly active users but we still see the tech giant selling its services. The gigantic number of subscribers to the social networking site does not make them relent on their selling efforts. They keep pushing and pushing. You can do same with your business. You must realize that you don’t have the perfect product or the magic potion that will keep people running to your shop, even if you don’t put in any effort to sell.

Selling is a vital activity in business that should be paid full attention so the business can grow. Selling more products means you grow, if you control your costs.

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Which Cars are your Sales Teams Driving?



The cars your salesmen and women drive through town to see clients and prospects means a lot to your business and its growth. It is a central part of your branding. The decision of which cars to buy for sales activities is equally important as other tactical and strategic decisions.
Luxurious cars like Mercedes Benz and affordable small cars like Kia Picanto are employed in sales activities throughout Ghana and Nigeria. Investing in appearance and branding is very vital in business as this represents you and what you stand for. A car definitely speaks volumes. Here are some considerations


Confidence is undoubtedly a key to success in the field of sales. There are many things people do to boost their confidence when meeting a client or a prospect. From outer grooming such as attractive ties, new hairstyles and teeth whitening to hidden preparations such as new undergarments and recital of lines that boosts confidence. All these and many more that you would not even believe are done to raise confidence levels ahead of sales pitches. But what would be your confidence level if you do all the above and many more, only to show at the client’s premises in a rickety car? Deflated. Cars used for sales definitely affects your confidence and businesses must invest in the right cars that makes sales people feel on top of the world, exuberating confidence. [prp prp_theme=”inside post”]


Who would you hand your money to? The banker who comes to you in the latest Mercedes or the one with an old car bad-conditioned car? You want to win the trust of your clients and prospects. You want them to trust you with their money and business. You must earn the trust. Some people are not comfortable with a man who shows up in very expensive cars. But don’t show up in a very bad one too. You do not have to drive Ferraris around to make sales. But certainly drive in a good car. Look at the type of clients you’re seeing and get appropriate cars that would be respected by them, not those that will scare them. If you win their trust, you’re almost winning their business.


If you’re looking to distinguish yourself from your competitors, one of the ways to do this is through the type of cars your salesmen and women drive. In Ghana for instance, many banks use Toyota corollas and Honda Civic or City. These are the cars for the lower level salesmen. The mid-levels are driving Honda Accords whilst top management rides in Mercedes, range rovers and land cruisers. There is a subtle competition at that end, as part of their branding and growth.
Attracting top talents
The cars that your staffs drive around town is likely to influence somebody’s choice of making you the employer they want to work for. Offering your salesmen luxurious cars to drive when meeting clients, is certainly an influence in the decision to work for you or not. Though not an ultimate decider, it has power to influence the decision.


Every business would want to line up the best cars for their salesmen and women. They know the benefits this would bring to the business. But there is a constraint. Luxury cars are expensive and many businesses in Ghana, Nigeria, Kenya and across the globe cannot afford to buy tens and hundreds for their numerous sales men and women. [prp prp_theme=”beside post”]

In Ghana for instance, in an attempt to reap the full benefits of showing up in good cars, small companies invest heavily in brand new cars that end up leaving them with very little to do the core business with. Buying good cars for your business is important, but not at the expense of your core business. What is the point in having many brand new cars but without stock to trade? A balance must be achieved. Your fixed investments should not be too high if you are not in heavy-duty machinery businesses like lumbering and mining. Cars are fixed assets and though beneficial, some restraint must be shown when investing in them. Many microfinance businesses in Ghana are operating at losses, yet they have a large fleet of cars.
Start small when your business is small and change the cars appropriately when your business is growing.

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